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Our Mission

Gan Katan focuses upon creating a loving learn through play based environment. One where students are taught with the caring, warm, and nurturing love and where every child and family should feel important and respected.

Our curriculum reflects a core base of knowledge which will serve as a foundation for their continued learning.

We at Gan Katan recognize the uniqueness of each of our students. With that in mind, we aim to provide an environment where each child is given the opportunity to flourish in his or her own way and at their pace. Blended learning groups allow the children to be given the attention and focus that they each deserve. This methodology also serves to increase proper social behavior.

Our school recognizes the power of play and its ability to foster proper social and emotional development, as well as the educational opportunities it presents. We do so by creating a safe fun environment where children can learn, through the power of toys, games and projects as well as circle times and
more focused learning.

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