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In this class we always say that education definitely comes second as our number one priority is for the children to settle in to school life happily and completely, building a strong, loving and trusting bond with their teachers and classmates.  Social skills are also a priority in this class; learning to share, take turns, treat their peers nicely and how to play as part of a group.  Daily the kids are exposed to all areas of learning and development, independence, and outdoor play.  



In this class we continue to hone all the social skills we began to learn as daisies and build on them as our play becomes less parallel and more cooperative.  We bring new skills and concepts to life in our “Learn through play” time and gain even more independence as we are encouraged and exposed to more self care.  In general studies we begin phonics learning and the significant letters of in our friends names and how to recognize them in English as well as exposure to numerals in our learning and various other concepts throughout the year.



In this class we put our independence and social skills to work as we begin to delve deeper in our academic learning through play in all the areas of learning and development; Numeracy, Literacy, Engineering, Personal Social Emotional development, Creative and Physical development and Knowledge and understanding of the world.  Our basic learning goals in this age group are to teach the children how to write their names, recognize numerals 0 through 9, count consistently to 30,  and begin to have an understanding of English phonics and a concept associated with early reading. They will be exposed to more skillful tools and toys as they begin to get a deeper understanding of concepts and the world they live in.



In this class we are taking things up a notch as we challenge ourselves with new concepts and a deeper learning and understanding of things we have touched on in the past.  We will take numeracy to the next level starting with addition and subtraction, grouping, more than and less than, writing numerals and patterns.  We will continue to be exposed to new art mediums and ways to express our creativity on a deeper level whilst still playing and socialising, learning the concept of right/wrong and self control and  treating friends kindly and respectfully.

Elementary Info Coming Soon

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